The History of TD&DS

The directors of TD&DS have been in the civil aircraft business for many years. They have been in close contact with aviation equipment suppliers all over the world during their daily work as Vendor Support Monitoring representatives for technical documentation, data, and all other requirements related to Product Support issues.

The recognition that there is a need and a market for this type of service led to the decision to found a company that covers these specific tasks.

TD&DS GmbH was founded January 31/1998. Since our foundation, several suppliers for aircraft interior, communication, lavatory systems etc. have made use of our services. Our good reputation is known outside the aerospace industry as well, and we started working for other branches in mid-1999.

We are the exclusive sub-contractor for some of our clients. Our current clients trust in us and our services - a fact that we are very proud of.

On April 1/2000 we became a member of the association "Hanse Aerospace e.V.". This association was founded from small and medium size aerospace companies to exchange experiences and to concentrate power and resources. The association is continously growing and receives more and more attention.

We have moved to our new premises in July 2000. Our new offices offer ourselves and our employees enough space, a good atmosphere and the opportunity for further expansion. The move became necessary after several new projects have been launched in 2000 and therefore our company was growing fast. We currently employ 19 people.

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